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    Away In A Manger

  • by: The Very Most

    The Very Most

    The Very Most is an indie-pop band from Boise, Idaho founded by Jeremy Jensen in 2002. Like almost every band, they exist both live and on record. But for the Very Most, the process of recording happens over years, as Jeremy, with an assembled cast of talented friends, carefully constructs layers upon layers of guitar, bass, drums, strings, percussion, woodwinds, synths, vocals and sound effects in a backyard studio. They’ve gone through many personnel changes and formats, but currently they’re a five piece, with Zach Von House on bass and vocals, Jake Hite on drums, Gia Trotter playing keyboards and vocals, and Clint Vickery on guitar, keyboards, and percussion. They take their show on the road in small doses, playing shows in Portland, Spokane, Salt Lake City and various points in between. They’ve also played shows with such bands as the Halo-Benders, The Microphones, and Thanksgiving. Their music is dense, catchy, and has a decidedly un-hip, yet slightly off-kilter, lyrical viewpoint. It’s kind of a like being the only adult at a little kids’ dance party where you get to choose the music, but the kids make you spin them around until everyone’s really dizzy. Influences include Beach Boys, Built to Spill, Smiths, and Belle and Sebastian. Congratulations Forever is the second record by The Very Most, and expands greatly on the previous album, Making the Case For Me. Congratulations Forever is released by Coming in Second records in the US and Universal Records in the Philippines. In 2009, they embarked on an ambitious recording project: “A Year With The Very Most”, where they will be recording an EP every three months. These EPs will be themed after the seasons of the year. This project is being released by Indiecater Records in Dublin, Ireland.
    Phone: 208-422-0208