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    Living In Photos

  • by: The Dedicated Servers

    The Dedicated Servers

    In 2004, three friends met to create a birthday song for a mutual friend. What resulted was a horrible song, and a newfound love and interest for creating music.

    The Dedicated Servers are MCMD, peanut, and HAV!. They command every venue they enter, reciting their anomalous musical compositions that combine the lyrics of MCMD and peanut with the production of HAV!. The three friends come from hugely different musical backgrounds, which make for a very interesting output of music. They all have different musical tastes, which when fused, makes for a one-of-a-kind sound.

    The origins of the Dedicated Servers and its members lie in Boise, Idaho, where they hope their sound can inspire and influence individuals to not only open their minds to the vast universe of music, but also to better themselves as human beings. In a world where music is such a powerful tool, Dedicated Servers want to show people that anything is possible, as long as there is fun to be had and lessons to be learned, for the artists and for the people. They have been making music since 2004 but have only begun to introduce the world to their music. In 2007, they gained slight internet fame when their hit song “Hall of Famers” caught the attention of video gamers worldwide when it was posted on a popular gaming site, The Dedicated Servers have been fortunate to grace the local stages of Boise, including Neurolux, The Reef, Fork (formerly Bad Irish), Bouquet, Liquid, The Venue, The Yacht Club, The Linen Building, Knitting Factory, and Taco Bell Arena. Th ey aspire to continue performing so that they may eventually grace the grandest stages of the world. The group has opened for numerous musicians, including Pigeon John, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Lupe Fiasco.

    The Dedicated Servers have been compared to A Tribe Called Quest, Atmosphere, Kanye West, Clipse, Linkin Park, Eminem, Atom & his Package, MC Chris, Postal Service, Nujabes, and Depeche Mode. You might be thinking these comparisons don’t make sense, which is what makes Dedicated Servers a cut above the rest. Blurring the boundaries of music and challenging genres, they are ready to show the world that through music and a love for life as well as oneself, dreams are achievable through hard work and dedication.

    Boise, Idaho 83709