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  • by: Built To Spill
  • © 2010 WMG

    “Hindsight” from the album There Is No Enemy, available now on iTunes:
    Directed by Bob Odenkirk


    Hindsight’s given me
    Too much memory
    There’s too much never seen
    It’s always there
    To tell me where

    Taking my own advice
    Worked out for me nice
    Now I’ve come to find
    That tricks are played
    With human brains

    They don’t wanna think about the other side
    Is that grass just greener cause it’s fake

    Cause that’s all we’ve been told
    Since we were five years old
    Is that all we’ll ever know

    Hindsight brings me down
    Keeps me on the ground
    Though I’m never proud
    I wouldn’t dare if you weren’t there

    Think we’re getting up
    Feel like giving up
    Feels like not enough
    For you to come and waste the love

    They don’t wanna talk about the other side
    When the grass is greener then they said

    This doesn’t bring to mind
    What I’d expect to find
    They must be combed with lies

    What about Canada

    What about Canada
    It’s paradise with pines and ice
    Morning comes in freight ships while your sleeping
    Batting two ideas with no surprise

    Wait til the wine has rights
    The never lock doors at night
    And kiss all those wars goodbye

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